GenomPlus program - Sergal High-quality swine genetics
Estem especialitzats en genètica porcina, sempre a l'avantguarda del sector. Treballem amb productes contrastats i d’alta qualitat, seleccionant de manera exclusiva, cada un dels nostres exemplars.
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reliable genetic values

Sergal is a pioneer in the commercialisation of the first boars with genomic information in the BLUP. It is a joined effort with German Pietrain that positions Sergal as the first company to offer this product all over Spain.


All the boars have a BLUP exceeding 130 points, with reliable genetic values, being able to exclude boars with negative parameters, thanks to the obtaining of phenotype and genomic information.

Sergal | Alta Genètica Porcina
Sergal | Alta Genètica Porcina
Sergal | Alta Genètica Porcina

absolute guarantees

Sergal | Alta Genètica Porcina
Sergal | Alta Genètica Porcina

The GenomPlus program allows us to provide boars tailored to our customers’ needs (improvement in daily gain, food conversion, lean meat, meat quality…). Besides, we have greater knowledge of the genetic disposition of the animal the fastest, the most exact and the most cost-effective way possible.

reproductive data

Three reference sibling boars with gBLUPs


Boars genom-tested by DNA


Return of GenomPlus for each 12 piglets